As rap performers, the members of The 2 Live Crew have been responsible for some of the hottest titles in the history of rap music. They have earned one double platinum album, two platinum albums, two gold albums, three chart topping singles and sales of over ten million units. The 2 Live Crew also had single tracks included on the “New Jack City”, “Boyz In The Hood” , and “Friday” sound tracks.

The 2 Live Crew is notorious for being First Amendment poster boys. The group became the target of attacks from ring-wing groups like the Parents Music Resource Center, which slammed them as obscene. The Group feels that those critics totally missed the point of what The 2 Live Crew music is all about.

The 2 Live Crew began in the eighties on March Air Force Base in California. The group later moved to Miami, where they hooked-up with Luther Campbell, a cook turned concert promoter. He later became the group’s hype-man. The original lineup split apart in 1992 citing irreconcilable differences.